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Welcome To Hill Top Adventure

Welcome To Hill Top Adventure

Will definitely be coming again for other treks as soon as possible.

Get Ready For More Fun.

Get Ready For More Fun.

Welcome To Hill Top Adventure

Everyone loves to travel, but not everyone loves to travel the same way. Hill Top Adventure Travel Styles gather trips of a feather together so you can spend less time searching and more time dreaming about where you’ll go next.


“Came as a customer, left as a friend. I thank the YATA-India team for providing such an amazing fun experience. The team is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Got to have delicious food throughout the trek. Will definitely be coming again for other treks as soon as possible”


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Rafting is a competitive sport in which the objective is to navigate downstream on river rapids using an inflated raft. It is considered as an extreme sport which is highly challenging and risky, and requires a great deal of teamwork. Rafting is also an extremely popular recreational activity practiced in most countries around the world.


Paragliding is a competitive as well as a leisure sport in wich riders using para-gliders perform cross-country or acrobatic maneuvers. Developed from the parachuting canopies, modern-day para-gliders can ascend on windward slopes almost effortlessly and can be flown across the country in good conditions.


Camping makes you forget your luxury life and appreciate the simplicity of nature.

Beautiful grassland, mountains, bonfire with friends are some things that mostly people love about camping.

But for me the best part is sleeping under billions of stars and witnessing the vast and beautiful milky way galaxy.

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Rise with waves Sea Sand & Surf.

Looking for the most amazing adventure India has to offer? Look no further.Choose from a wide range of treks, tour packages, road trips, adventure activities like rock climbing and river rafting and the list goes on. To simply put it, we offer you the perfect cocktail of adrenaline rush there is to offer!

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